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Commercial Roofing Types

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We all know that each type of material has its advantage and disadvantage, and today, we are going to dig into that to make sure we are going for the right commercial roofing type to our benefit.

1. Thermoplastic

This roofing type is more commonly tagged as a TPO and is very popular among the four. The popularity of this material type is soaring because of the durability it offers. Since this material has low-temperature flexibility, it can withstand anything that may lead it to damage. If you are busy looking for how many years this roofing type will give you, you have an estimate of at least two decades, but don’t worry because even if you only have twenty years down the road, you won’t need to worry much about maintenance. Unlike roofing made of metal, this will extremely be years down the line, but it is one of the best options looked upon by companies who wish to spend on roofing without breaking the bank and still keeping many benefits afterward.

2. Solar Shingles

Solar shingles may make you scratch your head, but we are talking about solar panels to make them more familiar. I know that solar panels are known to almost anyone, and everyone also knows their capacity and benefits. When it comes to buildings that are on a large-scale market, they preference this roofing type. Since energy consumption plays a big role in the costs a business needs to face each month and in the long term, it is wise to take the initiative to give in on a precautionary solution instead. Now, this roofing may not be the most affordable to choose from. However, it sure is the most economical, environment friendly, and most worthy initial cost that leads to greater gain.


This roofing type may sound intimidatingly odd or new because of the abbreviation. However, this roofing type has been long. It is often used in the most common commercial establishments because it is very readily available anywhere. More than that, it is famous for being an easy install option for those who do not believe in the beneficial aspect of hiring a contractor in roofing. It offers durability and a long lifespan too. However, if you think that it is more beneficial to have someone help you with the installation process of this roofing type, you can rely easily on professionals, given that this is an easy task for them. Moreover, you can also assume repairs are easy to manage with an easy install option.

4. Green

If you love plants or the environment in general, you may have found this roofing type aesthetically pleasing while oozing with an appeal not just in benefits but in purpose. This is known for having soil as well as vegetation as a roof. However, you don’t have to worry about moisture because you have a waterproof membrane to defend you from moisture. This roofing type is surely the best way to counter heating as well as cooling cost concerns.

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