Questions to Ask a Solar Company

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Solar panel installation is a huge investment, without a doubt. But, whenever it lowers the carbon footprint of your house and reduces your utility bills, this investment can be justified.  

Of course, it is ideal to do some research to know the ideal products and installers before you opt to go solar. This will help protect you from spending more than you should for your investment.  

Here are several questions that you can ask a solar company for your Austin residential solar installation project: 

What After-Sales Service Do You Provide? 

It is very important that you make sure that the solar company has the resources to support you across your system’s lifetime. You need to ask the potential solar company if they’ve got a dedicated in-house service department, what their warranty claim process is, and if they offer other after-sales services. The answer that they’ll provide will offer you peace of mind since you know that the company will be able to help you with your needs if you encounter problems at some point.  

Do You Think About the Ideal Option for My Future and Current Needs? 

A reliable solar company will visit your residential property. They will assess the possible options for future accessories or expansions, the layout of your roof, and the existing energy usage of your property.  

Are You a Reliable Solar Company? 

A simple Google search will tell you if that company is a reliable and well-established solar company. Of course, the company will have better knowledge and experience about the products and the installation process if they have been installing one for a very long time. It also means that they are reliable and people have been trusting them for their residential solar panel installation.  

A dishonest company typically will not last longer than 10 years.  

Can You Show Me a Proof of Commitment to Quality? 

It’s an excellent sign of quality if the company has an ISO 9001 certification. For those who don’t know, this is only provided to companies who offer services and products that constantly meet regulatory and client requirements. It’s also the highest standard of accreditation. You can also examine online review websites, such as Product Review, Trust Pilot, and Google My Business. These websites offer insight into the product quality and customer service of a company.  

Do You Have a Presence in My Location? 

Of course, the solar panel installer is also as vital as the quality of your solar products. You should anticipate a long and costly turn-around time to process your warranty claim if the solar manufacturer does not have a presence in your location and the solar installer goes out of business. A reliable solar company will still do their best to help their clients, even if the solar manufacturer stops operation.  

For many families, solar energy has become the primary source of energy. In the previous years, technology has improved drastically. However, in order to fully experience the complete benefits of a solar panel, you have to hire the right company.  

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